So, it's 2016. Have you lost that weight you said you would on January 1? Started that exercise program? Stopped smoking?


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HumanX ambassador Bo Francy, a Strength & Conditioning coach in San Diego, brings you the benefits of using HumanX Resistance Bands from a trainers perspective and for personal use.
Whether you are working out a box, corporate gym or at a private training facility, I am sure you have seen an individual or a trainer using resistance hands. Many gyms and fitness facilities have stacks of resistance hands. I am also sure you have probably asked yourself is there any benefit to using them over free weights. Well, this blog post will provide you with a few benefits why resistance band should he included into your training programs as an individual and a trainer. Human X has a complete line of resistance bands; I have personal use them with my clients daily.
What is a resistance band? A resistance band is made of rubber latex tubing and can be purchased with our without handles. Resistance Bands are typically used physical therapist but have become a staple to many strength training programs. R-Bands can he purchased through www.Humanxgearcom and in multiple resistances.

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