Resistance Band Training


HumanX ambassador Bo Francy, a Strength & Conditioning coach in San Diego, brings you the benefits of using HumanX Resistance Bands from a trainers perspective and for personal use.
Whether you are working out a box, corporate gym or at a private training facility, I am sure you have seen an individual or a trainer using resistance hands. Many gyms and fitness facilities have stacks of resistance hands. I am also sure you have probably asked yourself is there any benefit to using them over free weights. Well, this blog post will provide you with a few benefits why resistance band should he included into your training programs as an individual and a trainer. Human X has a complete line of resistance bands; I have personal use them with my clients daily.
What is a resistance band? A resistance band is made of rubber latex tubing and can be purchased with our without handles. Resistance Bands are typically used physical therapist but have become a staple to many strength training programs. R-Bands can he purchased through www.Humanxgearcom and in multiple resistances.

What are the benefits for a trainer?

Cost — Resistance bands tend to be extremely cheap compared to free weights or kettlebr.,11s. If you are a new
trainer looking to save money they are a great way to start.
Creativity — There is so much use of resistance bands other than the standard hicep curl or row. I use them with my clients for pre-hab, rehab, and strength training. If you are a trainer who prefers going from one machine to the next with a client, then resistance bands are not for you.
Transport — As a trainer I have multiple in-home clients who do not already have in-home gyms. Resistance
bands are small, light and easy to transport
Adaptation — Bands come in multiple resistance levels, Human X offer bands in 10, 20, 30 and 40 pounds of
resistance. For you stronger individuals bands can he combined for increased resistance.

Personal Use

Use — Resistance Bands require very little space to complete a full body workout. Bands can be used in your living room, garage, office, and park or hotel room. Other pieces of fitness equipment tend to need a larger space for use and storage.
Storage — Resistance bands can be stored anywherc., from your sock draw to a gym bag. They do not require a rack or a special way to be stored which is a great benefit when cost is an issue.
Full Body Training — Get a full body workout in the comfort of your home. Forget about sitting in traffic, crowded gyms, and re-racking other people's weight. You can get a full body work out in less than 30 minutes.
Endless possibilities — Resistance Bands provide you the ability to use other equipment and perform multiple exercises at once. For example a resistance band row with a dumbbell squat press. With this simple but intense exercise, I can target my entire body.
Bo Francy has over 8 years on experience training combat athletes, military service members and everyday fitness


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